Nicholas McMillan
Real Estate Broker | Owner

Founder and President of Hire Realty LLC, Nicholas "Nick" McMillan has lived in Westchester County all of his life, so he knows the area well. Married for 8 years with two children, he enjoys keeping fit, cooking, playing sports with his children and going to his daughter’s dance recitals. 

Prior to founding Hire Realty LLC, Nicholas obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and worked in Law Enforcement for 12 years. He is dedicated with an insatiable quest for learning and the constant desire to please his clients. At Hire Realty LLC, Nicholas has successfully created a team environment, one in which everyone has a voice and can contribute to the continued growth of the firm. He has now spent the past several years working closely with buyers and sellers to obtain their home ownership goals. In a recent interview Nicholas commented, “I really enjoy talking to people, listening, and simply just helping clients find just the right home or investment.”