Robert "Bobby" Bowker
Real Estate Salesperson

Robert "Bobby" Bowker joined Hire Realty LLC in 2018 and is a newly licensed real estate salesperson.  He brings with him a ton of experience as he spent 6 years with Verizon Wireless.  While at Verizon his primary role was in growing the independent agent channel and aiding in site selection, business plan development, and acquisitions.  He was able to help grow the foot print of Verizon's franchise locations by over 70% in Brooklyn.   

Robert is also a successful small business owner himself.  He goes above and beyond in assuring that his clients will succeed in their new locations.  Born and raised in the Hudson Valley he is well versed in the area, from Beacon all the way to Yonkers.  

Mr. Bowker has BS in Business and Psychology from SUNY at Albany and an MBA from Centenary University.  He is also a certified Paralegal and holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Villanova.