5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Professional

5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Professional

Many people wonder if they need a realtor when buying and selling a home. Listings are available online for buyers, and sellers can post their home on websites like Zillow and avoid paying a commission. While this may seem tempting, it can also be a mistake. Here are a few compelling reasons why hiring a realtor gives you an advantage over DIY:

1. More Education and Experience

The number one advantage of hiring a real estate agent is simple: they’ve been in the business for a long time. Realtors know the ins and outs of negotiations, inspections, fair market pricing for your area, and more. If you’re listing on your own, you may not know if you’re setting a fair market value price – and if your negotiations will lead to an advantageous sale. A realtor is available to answer your questions, help you pick a price that works for your needs and the market, and navigate the negotiation and offer process.

2. They’re an Effective Middle Person

Think back to when you bought your home – it was likely a series of phone calls between your realtor and the sellers. In fact, you likely didn’t even meet the seller until closing. There are a couple reasons why this system works best. First, having a realtor can keep nagging sellers at bay, or they can filter through all the spam phone calls and only schedule showings with serious buyers with preapproved financing.

3. Connections and Neighborhood Expertise

Real estate is one of those rare industries that still operates on word of mouth. Realtors spend years developing a network of contacts that help people buy and sell their homes. From stagers to interior decorators, attorneys to home inspectors – your realtor knows your neighborhood, and will do everything possible to get your home off the market at a good price.

4. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

For the uninitiated, the amount of paperwork involved with buying or selling a home can be overwhelming. A couple of decades ago, purchase agreements were only a few of pages. Today, they take up reams of paper when you include the federal and state-mandated disclosures. Understanding and sifting through this paperwork can be costly, as one omission or mistake could lead to a court proceeding. When you hire a realtor, this person will likely use an attorney to handle the disclosures and paperwork, offering you essential legal protection.

5. The Extras

Finally, realtors provide service that most DIYers just can’t beat. We’re talking aggressive marketing, making your home look attractive to potential buyers, using professional looking photos, and coordinating the walk-throughs with potential buyers. Once you get an offer, they’ll handle counter offers, track all paper trails, and offer general counsel and hand-holding.

Having a realtor means you’re getting knowledge, expertise, and networking. You’re more likely to sell your home at a fair price, and with a quick turnaround. Peace of mind and protection make hiring a realtor worth the commission. If you’re ready to list with an experienced firm, please contact us.






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