6 Steps to Getting Multiple Offers

6 Steps to Getting Multiple Offers 

In today’s recovering housing market, a well-priced property can lure multiple bidders and initiate a bidding war between potential buyers. If there are multiple bidders, your house seems more desirable and attracts more interest. Buyers don’t want to risk losing an opportunity, so they are motivated to put their best offer on the table.

The seller is in an extremely fortunate place in such circumstances; however, it can also be confusing. While buyers don’t want to lose the home of their dreams, sellers face multiple options of how to proceed to maximize their profit from the sale.

Here are some strategies that can help create the ideal conditions to attract several buyers.

Price to Sell

If your house is overpriced, buyer interest will decrease. To drive up interest, thereby attracting multiple offers, your house needs the right price. It doesn’t matter what you paid for your home, the market will determine the best price.

Host an Open House for Brokers

The more agents realize a house is on the market, the more offers it will see. Brokers often have a buyer in mind when they see a home. More brokers doing this means more buyers looking at your property. An agent should handle this since they know the agents and trends in the market.

Create a Webpage for Your Home

Leveraging the internet is an ideal way to create buzz. Design a webpage with images of your home and a list of its amenities and share the link on social media sites. This affords the opportunity to share a home where potential buyers may be lurking.

Staging Your Home

A clean, staged home will attract more attention. Neutral items should replace personalized items and décor should highlight the home’s features. Open a decorating magazine and study the staged rooms or hire a professional to stage your home. If the home is vacant, staging can be done in key rooms or throughout the entire home. This step can make or break a home buyer’s first impression and affect the probability of making an offer.

Curb appeal is also crucial. Invest in flowers to add color to your landscape, or remove dead or overgrown plants that take away from the yard’s appearance. Ensure your yard is thoroughly maintained and that plants are watered while your home is on the market. Buyers who fall in love with a home before they walk into it are more likely to bid on it.

Require the Highest and Best

Once a multiple-offer situation presents itself, ask to have presenting agents provide their clients’ highest and best offers. This makes potential buyers reveal their cards, pushing them to hold nothing back.

Have Requests

As the seller, everyone wants to please you. Take advantage of that. If you can’t move right away, for example, have your agent include a lease-back option. This gives you time to move after the transaction has closed. Maybe you’ve already found and bought your new home. Have your agent make this information available at the best time to maximize your sale.












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