Revealed: 6 Things To Know About Living In Dobbs Ferry, NY

Revealed: 6 Things To Know About Living In Dobbs Ferry, NY

American small-town gem with a population just tipping over 11,000 residents, Dobbs Ferry, NY, is a true haven that captures the heart and soul of community living. Often touted as one of the best places to reside in New York, this charming village invites adults in the early stages of contemplating a move with a distinctive mix of community spirit and natural splendor. Here, residents and visitors can relish the chance to stroll amidst breathtaking views of the lower Hudson River and the majestic Palisades that line its western banks.

Located just twenty miles north of midtown Manhattan in Westchester County, New York, Dobbs Ferry enchants visitors and residents with its scenic beauty and vibrant community spirit. The village is characterized by its picturesque Hudson River waterfront, expansive open spaces, and charming tree-lined streets, complemented by a traditional downtown area. As more and more homebuyers discover the beauty of this New York destination, the appeal of Dobbs Ferry continues to grow.

Dating back to the 1600s, Dobbs Ferry is a historic, riverfront village with roots deeply embedded in a bygone era. Founded more than 300 years ago, the village has retained its old-world charm while embracing modern amenities and conveniences. Living in Dobbs Ferry offers residents a friendly, family-centric, and laidback lifestyle that appeals to many.

Families are particularly drawn to the area due to its good schools, relatively diverse population, and charming housing choices. Whether you're walking through the historic downtown area or enjoying the scenic waterfront views, living in Dobbs Ferry provides a sense of connection to the past while offering a high quality of life for today's residents.

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Dobbs Ferry offers convenient transportation options, making it easily accessible from various directions. Dobbs Ferry Road, also known as NY 100B, provides a direct route northeast through Greenburgh, passing by Ferncliff Cemetery and connecting with Park Avenue. The Metro-North Railroad offers frequent train services to Grand Central Terminal, with trains departing every 30 minutes. For those preferring bus travel, there's an alternative route to New York City with a travel time of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Also, White Plains Airport is conveniently situated just 9.6 miles away, providing both domestic and international travel options.

Other nearby airports include:

  • New York La Guardia (LGA) (16.7 miles)
  • New York JFK (JFK) (26.2 miles)
  • Newark (EWR) (27.7 miles)
  • Islip (ISP) (43.6 miles)

Dobbs Ferry, NY Offers Convenient Transportation Options

Those considering moving to Dobbs Ferry with school-aged children must also take note of the village's esteemed education system. At the heart of Dobbs Ferry's educational offerings is Dobbs Ferry High School, recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, where students have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement courses for a holistic educational experience. In addition, post-secondary education is enriched by the presence of Mercy University, formerly known as Mercy College, a private university with its main campus located directly in the village.

Some of the top local public schools include:

  • Springhurst Elementary l 175 Walgrove Ave., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
  • Dobbs Ferry Middle School l 505 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
  • Dobbs Ferry High School l 505 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Dobbs Ferry, NY Has Great Schools Options For All Ages

Dobbs Ferry, NY real estate offerings come in a diverse range, balancing competitive market dynamics with timeless appeal. The village features a mix of single and multi-family homes, contemporary condos, and classic residences along tree-lined streets like Oak, Elm, Chestnut, and Walnut. Upscale neighborhoods such as Ardsley Park and Riverview Manor offer luxurious living spaces and have become highly coveted areas for discerning homebuyers.

The Embassy Community Center serves as a hub for the Dobbs Ferry community, overseeing a diverse array of initiatives that span from art and dance classes to sports leagues, summer camps, and a range of engaging activities accessible to the public. As well, Gould Park, an 8-acre green space located on Ashford Avenue, provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. The park features a basketball court, playground, pool facility, softball/baseball field, football/soccer field, volleyball net, and bathroom facilities, making it a versatile and popular destination for both sports enthusiasts and families.

Softball/Baseball Fields In Dobbs Ferry, NY

Some of the other popular parks in the area include:

While Italian and American dining establishments remain prominent in the Dobbs Ferry area, there is an increasing influence of Asian and Mediterranean flavors. Some of the top dining spots in the village include The Cookery, Half Moon, Hudson Social, Scaramella's Restaurant, and Dobbs Diner, among others.

When it comes to shopping, Main Street provides a pleasant array of options for residents and visitors alike. Comic-book enthusiasts will want to visit NYHC Comics to explore the latest collectibles lining the shelves, while Home Again Consignments offers an eclectic mix of gently used items, from vintage serveware and antique clocks to mid-century ottomans and hand-painted toy chests.

For everyday essentials, MOM’s Organic Market, Willoughby's Food Market, and Los Ferchos Deli & Grocery are conveniently located, providing a variety of quality products to meet the everyday needs of the community residents.

Great Dining Options In Dobbs Ferry, NY

6. Health and Wellness

Dobbs Ferry prioritizes healthcare and wellness with top-notch facilities to cater to residents' needs. Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care offers exceptional and personalized care, combining convenience with transparent pricing, and boasts a dedicated team of providers utilizing advanced technology.

St John's Riverside Hospital also serves the community with a comprehensive range of services, including the Westchester Orthopedic Center, 24-hour emergency care, sleep lab, surgical facilities, and medical-surgical acute care beds, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare close to home.

Popular health and wellness facilities in the area include:

The village's strong community spirit truly is reflected in its welcoming neighborhoods, diverse recreational opportunities, and vibrant local businesses. Dobbs Ferry's commitment to preserving its rich history while embracing modern advancements has aided in creating the sought-after destination that it is today.

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