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5 Tips To Sell Your Commercial Property For Top Dollar

5 ways to sell your commercial property for top dollar

When it comes time to sell your commercial real estate property, you likely want to get the most amount of money possible for it. Since commercial properties are often quite costly, you can likely turn a considerable profit.

  1. Prepare it for the market.
  2. Create a strategy for your pricing.
  3. Market your property professionally.
  4. Determine your ideal buyer and their pain points.
  5. Hire a fantastic team to help you.

1. Prepare it for the market.

Regardless of the type of commercial real estate property you own, you will want...

Moving To and Living in Putnam County, NY: The Definitive Guide

Moving To and Living In Putnam County, NY

Located in the lower Hudson River Valley is Putnam County, NY. Home to just over 98,000 residents, Putnam County is included as part of the New York-Newark-Jersey City Metropolitan Statistical Area. Spanning 246 square miles, Putnam County is a beautiful and scenic area that is made up of six towns and three incorporated villages. There are no official cities which are located in Putnam County.

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The area is considered one of the most affluent counties in the country, having ranked 21st by median household income and 43rd by per-capita income. To those that live there, Putnam...

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Real Estate Today

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Becoming an investor is a great way to grow your money and become financially secure. There are many ways to invest, such as the stock market, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and more. Some investments can be risky, like investing in a company on the stock market that can have a volatile share price.

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Real estate investing can be a great way to start your investment portfolio or add on to it. It is safe and secure, and you don’t need to fork out a copious amount of funds to have a great return. Most of the money you will be using to invest in your first property, whether...

Revealed: 25 Can’t-Miss Attractions in Westchester, NY

25 Can't Miss Attractions in Westchester, NY

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly attraction, a beach with breathtaking views or a fantastic date spot, the cities in Westchester County offer you a plethora of options. From Legoland to historical museums, here are the 25 can’t miss attractions in Westchester, NY.

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Legoland Discovery Center

39 Fitzgerald St, Yonkers NY

Located in Yonkers, Legoland is a spot to host a family fun-filled day. Step into Legoland and find endless attractions, shopping and food. Not only will the kids love it, but it...

The Top Ranked High Schools in Yonkers, NY

Top Ranked High Schools in Yonkers NY

High School is a big deal, this is where we make some of our lifelong friendships and start finding ourselves. More importantly, high school is a place you go to learn and explore different interests and prepare yourself for the working force, College, and University. Knowing some of the best high schools your city has to offer is an important step in the decision-making process. Below are the top ranked high schools in Yonkers. 

Yonkers Middle High School

Revealed: The Best Restaurants in Yonkers, New York 

Best Restaurants in Yonkers NY

Restaurants: we can’t live without them. They are there for our first dates, our first family dinner, engagements, birthdays, a night out with friends watching your favorite football team play on the big screen while having a pint. It's almost like, we build a relationship with these restaurants, and like any relationship, we want to make sure we aren’t going to be disappointed. Here is a list of the five best restaurants in Yonkers, NY that will not disappoint.

10 Tips For Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing a commercial property can be an exciting investment, but it can be a lengthy process with a lot of moving parts. Since there is so much to know, here are ten tips for purchasing your next commercial real estate property.


Know what a commercial property is and the types of commercial properties

A commercial property is real estate that is used for business. They are defined as storefronts, land with profit generation ability, and rental properties....

Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Westchester County, NY

Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Westchester County, NY

Westchester County is one of the most populated counties on the mainland of New York, second only to The Bronx. There are approximately 949,113 people residing in the six cities, nineteen towns, and twenty-three villages of Westchester County. The area is centrally located with New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County to the south, Putnam County to the north, Fairfield County in Connecticut to the east, and Rockland County and Bergen County, New Jersey, located across the Hudson River to the west. This ideal location provides excellent commuting options for those who wish to live in the quieter suburbs of New York while still being able to access the incredible amenities...

Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Putnam County, NY

Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Putnam County, NY

Putnam County is a little slice of heaven located in the breathtaking state of New York. The many lakes, rivers, and forests in the area provide idyllic conditions for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of more heavily populated areas of New York. Located in the lower Hudson River Valley, Putnam County is just an hour drive from Midtown Manhattan, making it the perfect getaway for weekend vacations and summer retreats for those living in the city as well as an easy day trip for those living in the quiet County looking to venture out into the city, but not quite willing to reside amidst all the action.

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Moving To & Living In Westchester County, NY


Westchester County is located in the state of New York. With a population of 968,815, Westchester County is the second-most populous county on the mainland of New York, with the Bronx being the most populous. This beautiful county covers 450 scenic square miles in Hudson Valley and is made up of 6 cities, 19 towns, and 23 villages.

The area that makes up Westchester County borders New York City, Upstate New York, and Putnam County. On the west side of the county sits the picturesque Hudson River and on the east side is the Long Island Sound and Fairfield County in Connecticut

The cities and neighborhoods located in Westchester County are some of the wealthiest, well-maintained, and beautiful communities...