Home Buyer Turnoffs

Home Buyer Turnoffs

There are factors that can kill a home sale. When buyers look at photos of your home online, if they are poor quality or show a cluttered, dark environment, they’ll click on to the next one. If your home lacks curb appeal, buyers will drive right by without stopping. Some features can’t be changed, and homeowners should be aware of their impact on home value. Smart sellers stage their home for maximum impact so it appeals to a wide variety of buyers.

This article will detail the biggest turnoffs in a home and ways sellers can avoid them on the way to a successful sale.

1. Cleanliness

Nothing turns a buyer off faster than an unclean home. Dirt, odors, and stains derail any showing. Many realtors won’t even show a home if it’s not in the best possible condition. Clean everything multiple times. Make sure your house smells new and is free of strong or offensive cooking smells, such as fish. Have someone else check your home for odors, like pet smells. A home owner becomes immune to offensive or musty odors in their house over time, so it’s best to rely on a neutral party’s sense of smell. Hide evidence of pets, smoking, and unfinished home improvement projects.

2. Old Features

Those antique fixtures on cabinets may seem quaint, but a buyer will only see dollar signs as they add up what it will cost to replace the outdated hardware. The same goes for wallpaper, lights, ceiling fans, and appliances. In today’s market, wallpaper attracts a very specific market, so an overabundance of wall treatments might deter most buyers. Consider replacing dated appliances as well. This is another expense that will tap the “cha-ching” button for most buyers. Today’s buyer is also sensitive to aesthetics such as popcorn or textured ceilings and inexpensive countertops and cabinetry. While it is possible to leave some of these to the buyers to change, it will impact the selling price.

3. Personal Items

When buyers tour your home, they are psychologically trying it on for size. Personal photos, décor, and unique colors make it difficult for a potential buyer to envision their family living in the space. Instead, opt for neutral décor and no personalized items. Pro tip: Position mirrors in key places so a buyer can literally see themselves in the space.

4. Misrepresenting a Home

Sellers present a home in its best possible light. If that light disguises poor upkeep or a less-than-ideal location, this will drive away potential buyers. Masking structures or businesses that will affect property value, such as a nearby mobile home park, leads to upset buyers and realtors. Be honest about factors that may detract from your home’s value.

5. Changes to a Home

Turning that garage into a family room, converting a bedroom into an oversized closet, painting a room in a bright color, replacing hardwood floors with carpet, or installing unique light fixtures can devalue your home and turn away prospective buyers. The estimated cost to replace or repair such renovations can lead to lower bids or, worse yet, a home that sits on the market.


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