How to Sell Your Home in the Off Season

How to Sell Your Home in the Off Season

There’s a common notion in realty that sellers should not list after Labor Day, due to a slow-moving market. While it’s true peak season for home buying is spring through mid-fall, selling in the holiday season is possible with the right approach. There are fewer buyers, but those who are searching are often highly motivated. Here’s what you need to know about listing and selling your home this holiday season.

1. Embrace the Season.

The right staging can help your home look more attractive and take it off the market faster. Since you’re listing during the holidays, why not deck the halls? Set out a few of your strategic holiday decorations and light an evergreen-scented candle before showings. Keep in mind, however, that large decorations can crowd your home and make it look smaller, and general winter-themed decorations are best, since religious themes might offend some potential buyers.

2. Curb Appeal Is More Important Than Ever.

When autumn comes, the leaves begin to fall, which can create a beautiful scene. It also creates potential problems for your home showing. Raking leaves and keeping your lawn clean is essential, and keep in mind that bare branches expose more of your home. Now is the time to make sure your gutters are clean and that there’s no peeling paint. If you’re scheduling showings as the snow starts to fall, make sure all walks are clear and you spread plenty of salt to prevent ice build up.

3. Price to Sell – And For The Right Buyer

Some people assume the best approach is to list the home on the higher end, then rely on negotiations to sell their home at a fair price. Buyers are usually looking for a home during the holiday season for a reason, however: they’re crunched for time. Graduating college students and university workers or investors on tax deadlines often don’t have a lot of extra time to spare, so they’ll be put off by a high price tag. Instead, list your home low for the market and skip the negotiating altogether. You’ll both be happier come closing day.

4. Choose the Right Real Estate Partner.

Taking good photos and choosing the right real estate partner will be essential to this process. If possible, take your home and yard photos in the summer season so buyers will have an idea of what your property looks like year-round. Real estate videos and virtual walk throughs can also be beneficial, as most people narrow down their list of potential candidates online. When the snow begins to fall, a virtual tour can give prospective buyers a look at what your home really looks like – without leaving their couches. It also works to weed out less serious buyers.

Selling your home during the holidays in possible – in fact, with the right buyer and pricing you might find that it flies off the market faster than you might think. The first step is finding a real estate partner to represent you. Contact us if you have further questions about listing your home this winter – we’re here to help!





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