Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Westchester County, NY

Find Out The Right Place To Live For YOU in Westchester County, NY

Westchester County is one of the most populated counties on the mainland of New York, second only to The Bronx. There are approximately 949,113 people residing in the six cities, nineteen towns, and twenty-three villages of Westchester County. The area is centrally located with New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County to the south, Putnam County to the north, Fairfield County in Connecticut to the east, and Rockland County and Bergen County, New Jersey, located across the Hudson River to the west. This ideal location provides excellent commuting options for those who wish to live in the quieter suburbs of New York while still being able to access the incredible amenities of the surrounding, thriving cities.

With so many incredible neighborhoods, towns, and villages, the decision of where to reside in Westchester County can be a tough one. The following list includes some of the best places to live in Westchester County to help assist with that decision.

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Bronxville is a highly coveted village of Westchester County. Located approximately 15 miles north of midtown Manhattan, commuters will delight in the proximity and easy access to the busy metropolitan area. With a population of about 6,600 people, Bronxville is an excellent alternative to the hectic streets of New York City, yet the location allows residents to work in the city or enjoy the incredible nightlife and entertainment found in the heart of it all. 

Bronxville Real Estate

Bronxville real estate is among the most expensive real estate in all of America. Potential residents can pursue a wide range of housing design and layouts. From quaint and cozy studio apartments to upscale lofts and condos to single-family, detached homes, there is something for everyone in this trendy town.

The median cost of real estate is approximately $995,000. Though the average selling price is quite high, higher than most towns across the States, there are more affordable homes for sale as well. Studio units start around $110,000. On the other hand, grand and historical mansions are found among the listings costing up to $10 million.

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Bronxville Schools

The Bronxville Union Free School District is a unique institution that provides outstanding education to the residents of Bronxville. The 1,632 students in attendance all congregate within the same large school campus. The elementary, middle, and high school are uniquely located within the same building, providing a more rare educational experience than the typical school board.

For those seeking education outside of the public school board, St. Joseph School is available to students in kindergarten through 8th grade and is run through the St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Bronxville is also home to Concordia College, a liberal arts college. Adjacent to the school is the smaller Chapel School, which houses students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade and is affiliated with the Lutheran Church. 

What’s Nearby 

Bronxville is home to a plethora of great amenities, activities, and entertainment. Among the dozens of unique and ethnic eateries, there are plenty of interesting and intriguing establishments to explore including:

Bronxville Public Library
Bronxville Woman’s Club
Concordia Conservatory
Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary 

The village is also home to over 70 acres of beautiful parkland. Public parks that are readily available to the residents of Bronxville include:

Scout Field
Chester Heights Park
Twin Lakes County Park
Hunts Woods Park 

Bronxville Commutes

Bronxville’s location is ideal for commuting to the bigger surrounding cities. Locals can easily access destinations in both New York as well as Connecticut. Commutes to nearby areas include: 

Manhattan, NY - 16 miles via NY-9A S (28 minutes)
The Bronx, NY - 8.5 miles via Bronx River Parkway (18 minutes)
Stamford, CT - 21 miles via Hutchinson River Parkway N / I-95 N (33 minutes)
Danbury, CT - 50 miles via Hutchinson River Parkway N / I-84 E (54 minutes)


Rye is a highly desirable, coastal town along Long Island Sound. The historical architecture and beautiful tree-lined streets add to the distinct small-town charm emanating from Rye.

A very artistic town, Rye is a trendy and vibrant community that is popular among young families and retirees alike. The high-quality schools, low crime rate, and friendly neighborhoods make Rye an excellent choice for families to call home. 

Rye Real Estate

Rye is a beautiful portion of New York filled with historical architecture. The homes for sale in Rye are the perfect mix of old and new. Those looking to reside in Rye can choose from a variety of housing styles to find whatever will best suit their lifestyle. Everything from condos and townhomes complete with gorgeous landscaping to detached and attached, single-family homes both in town and along the waterfront can be found among the listings of Rye real estate. 

The median sales price of homes in Rye is $1.8 million, making the small town one of the most expensive areas of New York. Single-room condos start around $189,500 and expansive single-family mansion along the water can cost up to $13.5 million.

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Rye Schools 

The locals of Rye are served by the Rye City School District. Elementary schools include:

Osborn Elementary School
Milton Elementary School
Midland Elementary School 

Intermediate and senior students of Rye can attend the following schools:

Rye Middle School
Rye High School

Alternatively, residents who wish to branch out away from the public school board can benefit from the various private and religious schools in the area. These schools consist of the following:

Rye Country Day School
School of the Holy Child
Resurrection Elementary School 

What’s Nearby

Rye is filled with an incredible variety of excellent amenities and activities both indoors and in the beautiful outdoors. Some of the best things to do in Rye include: 

Rye Oakland Beach
Rye City Marina
Rye Arts Center
Rye Library
Rye Nature Scene
Rye Garden Club 

Rye Commutes 

Rye’s prime location makes it easy for locals to venture out to neighboring towns and cities to discover the wonderful amenities awaiting there. This includes marvellous cities in both New York and Connecticut. Commutes to nearby areas include:

Manhattan, NY -  28 miles via Hutchinson River Parkway S / NY-9A S (42 minutes)
The Bronx, NY - 16 miles via I-95 S (26 minutes)
Stamford, CT - 12 miles via I-95 N (17 minutes)
Danbury, CT - 42 miles via I-287 W / I-684 N (42 minutes)


The thriving and historic village of Scarsdale is one of the most charming and exciting residences in New York. Filled with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, Scarsdale has a wealth of activity just waiting to be enjoyed. 

The median household income in Scarsdale is $182,792, making it one of the wealthiest towns in Westchester. Along with the fantastic real estate options, Scarsdale is also home to some of the best schools and has some of the safest neighborhoods in New York, making it an excellent option for families. 

Scarsdale Real Estate

Scarsdale real estate is among some of the highest in all of the United States. Much of the housing in the village was built prior to WWII, making Scarsdale one of the oldest and most historic villages in the state.

The homes for sale in Scarsdale include beautiful single-family homes, condos, and charming townhomes. Cozy, 550-square foot studio units start around $130,000 and grand properties situated on large plots of land can cost an upward of $8,765,000. The median cost of real estate in Scarsdale is approximately $1,445,400, making it one of the most expensive areas in the country.  

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Scarsdale Schools 

Scarsdale residents are provided top-quality education from one of the most prestigious public school boards in New York. The Scarsdale Union Free School District is an award-winning school board, home to five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school:

Edgewood Elementary School
Fox Meadow Elementary School
Greenacres Elementary School
Heathcote Elementary School
Quaker Ridge Elementary School
Scarsdale Middle School
Scarsdale High School 

For those looking past the public school board, Scarsdale is under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, which operates the various Catholic schools in the area.

What’s Nearby

Even in a more suburban neighborhood such as Scarsdale, residents will find they have ample opportunity to get out in the fresh air to enjoy the beauty of nature. From relaxing afternoons spent on vast green grounds of the parks of Westchester County to taking a swing at one of the highly rated golf courses in the area, there’s plenty to do in this scenic portion of New York. 

Golf Courses and clubs in and around the Scarsdale area include:

Fenway Golf Club
Quaker Ridge Golf Club
Winged Foot Golf Club
Westchester Country Club

Parks in and around the Scarsdale area include:

Corell Park
Saxon Woods Park
Weinberg Nature Center
Wynmar Park
Bronx River Park 

Scarsdale Commutes

Scarsdale has the ideal location of being close to several major destinations in both New York and Connecticut. The access to major highways as well as bus and train systems makes travel a breeze.

Commutes to nearby destinations include:

Manhattan, NY - 23 miles via Bronx River Parkway / NY-9A S (35 minutes)
The Bronx, NY - 14 miles via Bronx River Parkway (24 minutes)
Stamford, CT - 18 miles via I-287 E / I-95 N (26 minutes)
Danbury, CT - 41 miles via I-684 N / I-84 E (45 minutes)


Hartsdale is an excellent suburb of New York located in the town of Greenburgh along the Bronx River. The picturesque scenery makes it possible to forget you’re so close to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Hartsdale is the perfect humble suburb for a relaxing lifestyle while still being within close proximity of all the action of busy city life.

For those hoping to commute into the city or surrounding areas, they have plenty of options. Hartsdale locals have easy access to major roads including NY-100 and the Bronx River Parkway. On top of that, Hartsdale has access to excellent public transportation including the Metro-North Harlem River commuter rail line and the Bee-Line Bus routes.

Hartsdale Real Estate 

The variety of Hartsdale real estate offers potential residents an excellent selection to choose from. Homes for sale include everything from condos, apartments, and lofts to townhomes, split-level, and detached, single-family homes.

Studios in Hartsdale range between $69,000 to $110,000 and attached and detached single-family homes can cost anywhere up to $1,599,000. With the exemplary collection of interesting homes, including modern condominiums and well-established single-family homes, Hartsdale has a little something for everyone.

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Hartsdale Schools

There are two excellent school districts that provide education to the residents of Hartsdale.

Edgemont Union Free School District offers three schools to the Hartsdale community:

Greenville School
Seely Place School
Edemont Junior/Senior High School 

Greenburgh Central School District offers four schools to the Hartsdale community:

Lee F. Jackson School
Richard J. Bailey School
Highview Elementary School
Woodlands Senior High School 

What’s Nearby 

Hartsdale is one of the few towns surrounding New York City that still has functional farmlands. As well as vast open spaces, there’s also plenty of beautifully maintained parks for residents to enjoy. These include:

Ridge Road Park
Hartsdale Brook Park and Preserve
Greenburgh Nature Center
Secor Woods Park

One top of the luxurious green grounds, Hartsdale and the surrounding area also have a variety of top-quality golf courses and country clubs including:

Scarsdale Country Club
Sunningdale Country Club
Metropolis Country Club
Knollwood Country Club

Hartsdale Commutes 

Hartsdale has access to several major highways, roads, and expressways as well as public transportation. Getting around in and through Hartsdale is easy and manageable. Commutes to nearby cities and towns include:

Manhattan, NY -  23 miles via Bronx River Parkway / NY-9A S (37 minutes)
The Bronx, NY - 14 miles via Bronx River Parkway (27 minutes)
Stamford, CT - 19 miles via I-287 E / I-95 N (26 minutes)
Danbury, CT - 43 miles via I-287 E / I-84 E (46 minutes)


Greenville is a charming village located in Greenburgh in Westchester County. With a population of 7,116, the village is an excellent option for small-town living amongst the busy cities of New York. 

The area was originally developed to cater towards Manhattan residents looking for a beautiful summer home. These days, Greenville is filled with both part-time vacationers as well as permanent residents. The Metro-North trains are readily available to assist in commuting via the Scarsdale and Hartsdale train stations.

Greenville Real Estate 

Homes for sale in Greenville include a beautiful mix of antique homes and modern condos. Studio units, two- to four-bedroom homes, apartments, and single-family homes can all be found among the listings of Greenville real estate. Many of the homes were built between the 1940s and 1960s and more recently, between 1970 and 1990.

Greenville real estate ranges between $172,500 and $900,000. Potential residents also have the option of investing in open lots, perfect for designing and customizing your dream home. Lots can be found in the area varying in price from $19,000 to approximately $119,900.

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Greenville Schools

Students in the Greenville community attend the various schools within the Edgemont Union Free School District. This particular school board has consistently ranked high in both New York State and nationally as one of the best school boards. Schools in the Greenville community include:

Seely Place Elementary School
Greenville Elementary School
Edgemont Junior/Senior High School 

What’s Nearby 

Greenville is home to a number of fabulous country clubs boasting championship golf courses. Residents of Greenville are familiar with the sport and have easy access to practice their hobby. Golf courses in and around the area include:

Scarsdale Country Club
Sunningdale Country Club
Lake Isle Country Club
Sprain Lake Golf Course
St. Andrews Golf Club 

Various parks and recreation areas are also available to Greenville locals. Some of the beautiful spaces include:

Hart’s Brook Park and Preserve
Ridge Road Park
Secor Woods Park
Greenburgh nature Center

Greenville Commutes

Greenville is partially a commuter community, or a bedroom community. Those who live here tend to commute into neighboring towns and cities for work. The access to public transportation and major roads leading into New York and Connecticut makes for an easy commuter lifestyle. Commutes to nearby areas include: 

Manhattan, NY -  21 miles via Henry Hudson Parkway / NY-9A S (38 minutes)
The Bronx, NY - 12 miles via Bronx River Parkway (24 minutes)
Stamford, CT - 25 miles via I-287 E / I-95 N  (30 minutes)
Danbury, CT - 48 miles via I-684 N / I-84 E (50 minutes)

No matter where you decide to reside in the beautiful Westchester County, you can be sure of one thing: you’re going to absolutely love it! Westchester County is home to an incredible array of towns, hamlets, and villages and is suitable for a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

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