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Home Buyer Turnoffs

Home Buyer Turnoffs

There are factors that can kill a home sale. When buyers look at photos of your home online, if they are poor quality or show a cluttered, dark environment, they’ll click on to the next one. If your home lacks curb appeal, buyers will drive right by without stopping. Some features can’t be changed, and homeowners should be aware of their impact on home value. Smart sellers stage their home for maximum impact so it appeals to a wide variety of buyers.

This article will detail the biggest turnoffs in a home and ways sellers can avoid them on the way to a successful sale.

1. Cleanliness

Nothing turns a buyer off faster than an unclean home. Dirt, odors, and stains derail any showing. Many realtors won’t even show a home if it’s not in the best possible condition. Clean everything multiple times. Make sure your house smells new...

How to Avoid Getting Turned Down for a Mortgage Loan

How to Avoid Getting Turned Down for a Mortgage Loan

Home ownership is a dream for many families, but the dream can be derailed if you haven’t planned for obtaining financing you’ll need. When we’re younger, we don’t always think about how our choices will affect our financial possibilities a few years down the road. Some people would love to buy a home for their families, but they don’t think they can qualify for a mortgage, and the idea of getting turned down creates a lot of anxiety. However, there are options, and many people rise above credit issues, lack of liquid income, and other obstacles.

Follow these steps to help ensure you can obtain the funding you need to buy your dream home.

Know Your Credit Score

This step may seem insignificant, but knowing where you stand going in will help you manage expectations. A history of missed payments or frequent late payments, can reduce your credit score and stop an application...

6 Steps to Getting Multiple Offers

6 Steps to Getting Multiple Offers 

In today’s recovering housing market, a well-priced property can lure multiple bidders and initiate a bidding war between potential buyers. If there are multiple bidders, your house seems more desirable and attracts more interest. Buyers don’t want to risk losing an opportunity, so they are motivated to put their best offer on the table.

The seller is in an extremely fortunate place in such circumstances; however, it can also be confusing. While buyers don’t want to lose the home of their dreams, sellers face multiple options of how to proceed to maximize their profit from the sale.

Here are some strategies that can help create the ideal conditions to attract several buyers.

Price to Sell

If your house is overpriced, buyer interest will decrease. To drive up interest, thereby attracting multiple offers, your house needs the ...