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Look for a Realtor That Does These 6 Things

Look for a Realtor That Does These 6 Things

Some realtors say they prioritize customer service, but end up being too busy to return phone calls, or out of reach when buyers want to view a property. How do you know which realtors are truly committed to your best interests, and which are talking a big game? Look for the following characteristics in your real estate agent:

1. They Anticipate Your Needs.

A good agent will do more than just respond to your requests – they’ll anticipate them. When your agent meets one of your expectations before you voice it, you know they truly care about your goals – and helping you achieve them.

2. They Respond Quickly

Real estate can be a fast-moving business. As such, speedy communication is key. When you place a call to a realtor about an offer or even a showing, you have the reasonable expectation of a speedy response. If you miss out on a...