The Top Ranked High Schools in Yonkers, NY

Top Ranked High Schools in Yonkers NY

High School is a big deal, this is where we make some of our lifelong friendships and start finding ourselves. More importantly, high school is a place you go to learn and explore different interests and prepare yourself for the working force, College, and University. Knowing some of the best high schools your city has to offer is an important step in the decision-making process. Below are the top ranked high schools in Yonkers. 

Yonkers Middle High School

Address: 150 Rockland Ave, Yonkers, NY
Phone Number: +914-376-8191
Website: Yonkers Middle High School

Schools Mission: Poised to meet the needs of the 21st Century, Yonkers High School is dedicated to delivering a curriculum with a broad global perspective. We believe that promoting student participation in the learning process, through a rigorous pre-university course of study, is an essential component of the IB philosophy. Our goal is to create highly motivated students who are life-long learners. Incorporating an internationally rich curriculum to foster integrity, moral discipline, and positive relationships, while celebrating cultural diversity is our priority. We recognize and encourage the support of the entire community in the successful fulfillment of our mission.

Yonkers Middle High School is ranked #39 in New York and #1 in the city of Yonkers. This school offers its students the International Baccalaureate Program which is a continuum of education of International Education. Yonkers Middle High School offers the Diploma Programme which will prepare high school students for their post-secondary entrance. A student requires high motivation and dedication, as well as the parents of said student. To be accepted into this program the student needs to have a high academic standing based on the standardized tests, report cards, and grades from their past. The Diploma Programme is made up of three core elements and 6 subject groups. The 3 core elements include:

Theory of Knowledge where students will reflect on the nature of their knowledge and how we claim to know what we know. The extended essay is self-directed research and will then write a 4000-word page essay independently Creativity, activity, service. The students will complete a project on all three concepts.

The 6 subject groups:

  • Studies in language and literature 
  • Language acquisition 
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences 
  • Mathematics 
  • The Arts

Yonkers Middle High School has the highest acceptance rate for its students in Yonkers. In the year 2019, out of their 312 senior students, 304 went off to four-year universities or colleges while 6 enrolled in a two-year college. You can find a full list of College acceptances on the school’s website.

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Saunders Trades & Technical High School

Address: 183 Palmer Road, Yonkers, NY
Phone Number: +914-376-8150
Website: Saunders Trades and Technical High School

Saunders Trades & Technical High School is the second-highest ranked high school in Yonkers and is ranked 500 within New York with the highest graduation rate of 98%. This high school focuses on academic and vocational learning so their students can be skill-ready for the workforce as well as have college preparation. This high school focuses on the transition to high school and has the 9th-grade students take an exploratory program in their first semester. Grades 10 through 12, the students will then major in 1 of 13 technical, vocational, or occupational programs as they continue to attend their regents and college prep classes. Saunders Trades & Technical High School has a program that is called P-Tech which is Pathways in Technology that enables the students to begin their college and professional career early. If you graduate from P-Tech you will have the chance to earn an Associate Degree and step into competitive jobs in the fields of Architecture, Engineering Construction, Surveying, Landscape Design, and Estimating and Facilitating Management. As a student in the P-Tech program, you will be enrolled in a two-year college degree program at no cost to them with an industry-based career development course that is free. There is a list of other programs beneficial to students listed on the school’s website. 

School Review: Saunders is an environment to develop your skills for a career or college. 

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Yonkers Montessori Academy

Address: 160 Woodlawn Ave, Yonkers, NY
Phone Number: +914-376-8540
Website: Yonkers Montessori Academy

Schools Mission: To inspire and empower tomorrow's heroes and leaders. 

The third best school in the city of Yonkers is Yonkers Montessori Academy. The academy has a graduation rate of 94% with a smaller admission size of 466 as opposed to the above two schools, both having over 1000 admissions. A Montessori high school that adheres to the 5 pillars of Montessori education: Learning, Hard work, Peace, Respect, and Community. Attending this high school, the student will learn to the New York States core curriculum standards as well as classes such as:

Career/Internship fieldwork
Intersession field studies through travel and/or immersion in local community resources
Senior project design and implementation
Community service projects

School Review: Small setting, wonderful teachers.

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Lincoln High School

Address: 375 Kneeland Ave, Yonkers, NY
Phone Number: +914-376-8400
Website: Lincoln High School

Schools Mission: Lincoln High School is committed to providing quality education to develop life-long learners who are productive, confident, and caring members of society.

Lincoln High School ranked number 4 in Yonkers and has a graduation rate of 78%. Along with their core curriculum, the school has 4 academies to offer, Arts and Industry Academy, Scientific Research Academy, Academy of Learning, and Academy of Finance. 

Arts and Industry introduce freshmen to the different types of art the school has to offer so that when they are a sophomore they can choose from the Choral program, Instrumental Music, StageCraft and Design, and Visual Arts. 

Scientific Research Academy is a multidisciplinary STEM program taught by Dr. Dean Saghafi, director and teacher at the high school. The program started in 2007 and since then, 1,330 students have had the opportunities to carry out authentic research projects. 

Academy of Learning is a department designed to ensure that all the needs of the special education students are met. These needs include, related services, education modifications, programs, and supports are being provided based on their IEP.

Academy of finance can be for students who want to have a career in Banking, Financial Planning, and Wall Street Operations. This program is a working partnership with the businesses and community of Yonkers and has been operating for 30 years.

School Review: The school offers great classes and teachers.

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Riverside High School

Address: 565 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY
Phone Number: +914-376-8425
Website: Riverside High School

Schools Mission: The mission of Riverside High School is to empower students through core academic, career, and technical education to inspire a lifetime of professional creativity that carries forward into any career path.

Riverside High School is ranked 5 in Yonkers with a graduation rate of 76%. Riverside believes every one of their students can reach their full potential and the staff strives for this. The school ensures this happens by nurturing the social and emotional well-being of all of its students. The staff encourages high expectations, mutual respect and supports individuality and diversity. Other ways students reach their full potential at Riverside High School is through the praise and celebration that is given to them for any and all accomplishments and achievements. The P-tech program that is offered at Saunders Trades & Technical High School is also offered to the students of Riverside. 

School Review: Fun and friendly school. 

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Going into high school can be scary but it can also be fun, or maybe the student is transferring from out of state, this can be just as scary, if not scarier. Everyone involved wants to have the student come into a welcoming environment, with staff that wants to see the student succeed just as much as the student's own parents. You now have the 5 best high schools in Yonkers, now the question is what are you wanting out of the high school? Does the student want to be more career-ready with the opportunity for four-year and two-year colleges, or maybe they want to be in a Montessori setting? Knowing this answer can help you take the next step in the right direction and we wish every student the best of luck in their new school.

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