What to Look for in a Professional Moving Service

What to Look for in a Professional Moving Service

What will you do if your home sells right away? Today’s real estate market is hot, and buyers who list with the right realtor often find they quickly receive offers. You might even end up with a cash buyer who wants to close in just a few weeks. It’s a good idea to have a plan for what you’ll do when you receive a contract.

Hiring a moving company is one way to ensure what’s next goes as efficiently as possible. You need to be informed before you hire: Get references, watch out for extra fees, avoid a blank moving contract, and take inventory before you begin packing. Here are some suggestions to help you in hiring the best movers at the best price.

Hire a Local Company

If your move is local, look for a moving company you can visit to meet staff members and to examine their equipment. Avoid companies that work strictly online. Check to see if the company is active in their local community, a sign of dedication to a job well done.

Verify Credentials

Movers operating across state lines require a valid Department of Transportation number and a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, information you can verify here. Intra-state movers are regulated differently, if at all. In this instance, use a company certified as a ProMover.

Complete Inventory and Walkthrough

Moving companies should conduct a thorough inventory in person to determine the weight and bulk of your move. Your estimator should ask detailed questions about your move. If this is rushed or the company tries to conduct these over the phone or internet, consider another company.

Don’t Put Down a Large Deposit

Be wary of any moving company that requires you pay a large deposit upfront or a company that will only accept cash for its services. Some companies may require nonrefundable deposits, which often average from $100 to $500, to secure a moving date, especially during the peak summer months. Otherwise, only pay on delivery and with a credit card to avoid fraudulent activity.

Read Reviews or References

To get a feel for a company, check verified customer reviews. Cross-reference these with official references or those from the American Moving & Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If problems arise, file a complaint with the BBB and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (interstate moves).

Be Aware of Extra Fees

Some companies might mask hidden or extra fees to hide the total cost of a moving service. Having the company pack your goods, living in a two-story home or high-rise apartments, and having to navigate a large moving truck through narrow streets can all lead to extra fees. Inquire about these before you sign a contract.

Avoid Blank Contracts

If the contract is blank, refuse to sign it. If something is promised, get it in writing, signed by both parties. Estimates, fees, pertinent dates, and your complete inventory must be listed before agreeing to and signing a contract.

Hire Insured Companies 

Hiring an unlicensed mover is like putting an unlicensed driver behind the wheel. Your homeowner or renter’s policy should cover your goods in transit. If your policy lacks this protection, consider supplemental coverage from movinginsurance.com, moveinsure.com, or others.














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